Aluminum alloy cable will open new era
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Aluminum alloy cable will open new era


Aluminum alloy cable will open new era

正版2019年生肖四不像Aluminum alloy cable, which has been a hot topic in the industry, the market growing, especially have strong support from the ministry。 As standards and, aluminum alloy cable will develop in the spring。

In recent years, the amount of cable with copper rise year by year, in 2012 China's cable industry with copper content of more than 5 million tons, accounting for more than 60% of domestic copper consumption. Due to the relative lack of copper resources in our country, higher prices. Therefore, "to the aluminum and copper" become the hotspot in recent years.

CTC Asia chief technical adviser Gong Xinming said in the 2013 annual meeting of the world wire and cable, with aluminum and copper enormous social value and economic value. Compared with copper, aluminum resources in China is much more rich, the price is much lower. And if in the same weight, aluminum conductive ability is stronger than copper, 1 ton aluminum conductive ability is approximately equal to 2 tons of copper. If you take in generation of copper aluminum manufacturing cable, cable enterprise production cost will be a lot less.

正版2019年生肖四不像Zhongtian special wires, director of the institute of science and technology, Shanghai zhongtian aluminum wire co., LTD., the chief engineer YouWei high-end wire and cable in the second Asian summit, said state grid deployment energy-saving conductor pilot programme, in 2012, its infrastructure department choose 30 pilot project, reduce transmission losses, cut down the cost of operations, comprehensive effect is obvious; In 2013, its construction will choose 450 project pilot, 2014 aluminum alloy wires to fully replace ordinary steel core aluminum stranded wire.

Shanghai electric cable research institute liu wrote in an article written in the near future: "in recent years, the concept of aluminum alloy cable is gradually accepted by the domestic market, the rapid growth of market consumption, predictably, aluminum alloy cable application in our country will keep going up。"

Cable has service industry more than 60 years of the Chinese academy of engineering Huang Chongqi, is a famous expert in the field of non-ferrous metals in China, in recent years has been committed to the promotion of aluminium conductor cable in China。 , "he said。" on the current international has become a trend, using aluminum conductor cable in this area has been the practice of many countries, our country should also try。"


On December 12, 2013, commissioner of the ministry of industry and information technology equipment industry division, reshipment Zhang Ronghan in the 2nd China (wuhu) wire and cable exposition and product quality summit said "with aluminum alloy for the application of the conductor cable in the western developed countries has amounted to more than 40 years, and buildings, structures and attached facilities at low pressure distribution occasions such as a large number of applications。 With the development of science and technology, the aluminum alloy cable technology mature gradually, the development and application will become a trend"。

On December 20, 2013, the ministry of industry and information technology and raw materials industrial company of China nonferrous metals industry association held in Beijing union "expanded aluminum application in electric power industry seminar"。 Delegates unanimously recommended, the state shall establish aluminum promotion mechanism, perfecting the relevant standard system, strengthen market supervision, standard cable downstream industries, especially for "section aluminum copper" publicity and application of policy support, new products related to power engineering project are encouraged to use aluminum products, developing market, steady progress was made in aluminum in the application of the power industry。

Miit official said: aluminum alloy as the conductor of the cable in low buildings, structures and its affiliated facilities, etc can be used in large amounts. Due to the relative lack of copper resources in our country, the copper price is higher, with aluminum and copper, with the development of new technology and new technology, especially with the development of application technology aluminum and copper, aluminum alloy wire technology development and application will become a trend in the future.

With the surge of aluminum alloy cable boom, many companies into research and development, the prosperity trickle in. Far east cable aluminum alloy conductor cable power cable, anhui Pacific rare earth alloy power cable, Shanghai pudong cable technologies of 8030 aluminum alloy conductor power cable cable company, hebei hin rare earth high iron aluminum alloy cable...

Chinese academy of engineering qing-quan lei expressed support for enterprise development, he said: "the future of cable in the market, the application of aluminum alloy cable will be more and more widely, to replace copper core cable or will become the inevitable trend。"

Counselor of the state council, China nonferrous metals industry association Chen Quanxun said, this is a revolution of non-ferrous metal materials。

When the pace of urbanization accelerated, "it is with the aluminum section copper" has become a national strategy, the past has been deeply "latent" aluminum conductor cable at this time also have finally started to "challenge" boldly and copper conductor cable. In recent years, the concept of aluminum alloy cable is gradually accepted by the domestic market, the rapid growth of market consumption, the foreseeable aluminum alloy cable application will keep going up in China, the aluminum alloy cable is about to open a new era of cable.

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