The diamond die is introduced
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The diamond die is introduced


The diamond die is introduced


The action of external force in metal pressure processing, make the force through metal mold, metal cross-sectional area is compressed, cross sectional area and obtain the required shape and size tool called drawing die。 Wire drawing die is the manufacturer of various kinds of metal wire, such as wire and cable factory, wire works, electrode wire factory, etc。) of the drawn wire very important consumable mould easily。 Wire drawing die of the scope of application is very extensive, mainly used for drawing rod, wire, wire, tube linear difficult to add l objects, such as steel, copper, tungsten, molybdenum and other metal and alloy material of drawing processing。 Because of wire drawing die cost accounting for the cost of wire drawing l / 2 above, therefore, how to decrease the cost of wire drawing die, increase its make sichuan life is metal wire rod production unit is an urgent need to solve the problem。


Foreign production of metal products industry to improve the competition ability, pay more and more attention to the quality of the drawing die and the improvement of manufacturing process, from the life of drawing die, the material, structure, manufacturing process of wire drawing die, manufacturing equipment and inspection instrument of the system such as research and develop new composite wire drawing die, drawing die materials, surface coating technology, drawing die l new groove design method, etc., promote the development of the world drawing production. Our country is wire producer, production in the world. Wire drawing die manufacturing industry in China developing rapidly since the eighty s, with the continuous improvement of wire drawing die manufacturing level and the continuous improvement of production technology, our wire drawing die manufacturing technology with the development of progress, especially in such aspects as material, structure of drawing die is improved, but there are still a big gap in general with the foreign. Although the type of wire drawing die production abroad to domestic similar, but more advanced materials and process, the machining precision of wire drawing die, durability, abrasion resistance and other indicators are better than that of our country's products. Therefore, in order to strengthen the management of molding, improve the quality of wire drawing die, die making Ding Yi technology progress, is an important topic of the model-making industry currently faces.

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