The basic principles of wire drawing die wire drawing
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The basic principles of wire drawing die wire drawing


The basic principles of wire drawing die wire drawing

1, wire drawing


Stretching wire refers to line slab under the action of a certain tension, through the die hole occurred plastic deformation, reduce section, increased length of a pressure processing method.


The characteristics of the 2, stretching


(1) the stretching wire has the precise size, smooth surface and cross section shape can be varied.


(2) which can stretch large length and diameter of various types of wire rod。


(3) is given priority to with cold, stretching process, mold, simple equipment, high production efficiency.


, large energy consumption (4) the tensile deformation by certain restrictions.


3。 The principle of stretching


Stretching falls within the scope of pressure processing, stretching process in addition to produce few cuttings, volume change little, thus stretching before and after the basic equal to the volume of metal。


正版2019年生肖四不像4。 The factors influencing tensile


(1) copper, aluminum rod (wire) materials. Other things being equal, copper wire is greater than tensile aluminium wire tensile force, tensile aluminium wire is easy to break, so pull aluminium wire should take bigger safety coefficient.


(2) the tensile strength. Material tensile strength are many factors, such as material of chemical composition, rolling process, such as high tensile strength, tensile strength.


(3) the deformation degree. The greater the deformation degree, the deformation of die hole, the longer the length and thus increase the positive pressure of die hole on the line, the frictional force also will increase, the tensile force also increases.


正版2019年生肖四不像(4) the wire rod and the coefficient of friction between the die hole. The greater the friction coefficient, the bigger the tensile force. Friction coefficient by wire and die material finish, the composition of lubricants and quantity decisions.


(5) die die area size and shape of workspace and the diameter. The sizing area, the greater the tensile force.


(6) the location of the die. Line mode is not straight or mold base was laid skewed also can increase the tensile force. Also make the wire diameter and the surface quality is not up to standard.


(7) external factors。 Jitter in the midline in the area of the wire, straight thread process, the feeding resistance, increases the tensile force。

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