Two common wire drawing die processing method
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Two common wire drawing die processing method

Two common wire drawing die processing method

More common wire-drawing die on the market at present there are diamond wire drawing die and cemented carbide drawing die, below we through these two kinds of wire drawing die with processing method is introduced, let everybody a deeper understanding of the two kinds of products.

A processing method, diamond wire-drawing moulds

正版2019年生肖四不像There are two kinds of diamond die method is as follows。

The first method

On first two bearing surface grinding of diamond and observation after surface processing of each process and its advantage is to use diamond transparency, drive away L processing procedure。 Its disadvantage is to wear off part of the diamond; Diamond thin, fixed when processing is not very convenient。 When processing small diameter of die hole using this method。

The diamond die

The second method


正版2019年生肖四不像The diamond with the first powder burning block, set of each working procedure after processing. The method of the defect is not directly observed mold hole machining process, it has the advantage of less than the former method ~ 4/5 to wear off two-thirds of the diamond; Easy to determine the center, convenient processing mould, often used for machining large diameter diamond die hole. Diamond die in drawing to use, in the mold hole surface stripe, adhesive metal, mold wear defects such as oval, sizing zone diameter increase, needs resharpening, after increasing die hole diameter. Heavy grinding can be, many times until diamond cracks occur.


Second, the processing method of cemented carbide drawing die


Mainly use mechanical polishing processing method, the process is as follows:


Choose the blank - set set - work cone grinding - lubrication cone grinding - exit cone (district) - bearing belt grinding - transition zone finished to work cone polishing - sizing belt polishing, acceptance check。


In addition, there is a chemical mechanical polishing machining, ultrasonic machining, electrical fire machining method, electrolytic method, etc. In wire drawing process, carbide mold tooling holes resulting from wear and tear the trench, oval, surface defects such as metal, needs resharpening, expand the die hole diameter to the adjacent die hole size. Heavy grinding can be carried out repeatedly, until the mold wall to cause crack.


Three, wire drawing die material selection and its application characteristics


Diamond and carbide is the main material of wire drawing die processing. There is a big difference between two kinds of material application, each have characteristics.


Diamond is the highest hardness and wear resistance of a material known very well, very brittle and expensive system of mould materials. It's hard to processing wire drawing die, general moulds made by wire diameter 1.0 below the MRN, the biggest diamond die aperture has amounted to 2.5 MRN.


Cemented carbide with tungsten carbide cobalt class, composed of tungsten carbide and cobalt. Tungsten carbide is hard wear-resisting alloy "skeleton", cobalt is bonding metal, increase toughness alloy. With the increase of cobalt content, the density of alloy, hardness, compressive strength, elastic mould number, thermal conductivity and electrical resistivity decreased, and higher toughness and bending strength. With the increase of the content of tungsten carbide alloy performance is the reverse of the cobalt content increases. Cemented carbide with high wear resistance, corrosion resistance and alkali resistance, resistance to emulsion and the good performance of other lubricating material effect. Cemented carbide drawing die in all kinds of metal and alloy wire drawing widely used in the production.


Other system of die material steel for wire drawing die of low cost, convenient processing and repairs, but its low hardness, poor wear resistance and short service life, since the 1970 s, in fact has been cemented carbide and diamond system replaced by the mold material. Synthetic diamond hardness, wear resistance after natural diamond is better than that of cemented carbide, price obviously lower than that of natural diamond, is a good material for production of wire drawing die. Synthetic diamond material of polycrystalline wire drawing die has set up a file in the rough, the copper wire, steel wire used in production.

- ultrasound using digital potentiometer to adjust the output size, reliable performance, long service life, and have power off memory function, operation is very convenient。


- the film light touch switch panel, elegant appearance, stable performance, easy to operate;


- the four preset digital countdown display counters, high precision timing;


- workbench pressure soft magnetic suspension type, no mechanical resonance, processing of small aperture mold will not broken needle;


- the mechanical structure design of precision, work would you jump, jump diameter less than 0.005 mm, smooth rotation, swing, flexible;


- the main technical indicators: ultrasonic power output 0 to 50 w, ultrasonic center frequency of 30.0 KHz, 28.0 KHz to 32.0 KHz frequency tracking range, processing surface roughness Ra < 0.01 titanium, timing range 1 second - 1 hour.


High-power fourth generation integrated precision piezoelectric ultrasonic edm compound machine BDDC - 250 - f


In recent years, some countries have been able to produce more than 50 mm diameter of polycrystalline diamond embryo, the demand for processing of wire drawing die aperture is greater than 10 mm bigger and bigger. BDDC - 250 - f series integrated piezoelectric ultrasonic edm compound machine adopts top super power sound integrated circuit, micro and fine edm power supply through the efficient conversion piezoelectric transducer of titanium alloy.

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