Maintenance and repair of wire drawing dies
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Maintenance and repair of wire drawing dies


Maintenance and repair of wire drawing dies

Wire drawing die mold effective maintenance and repair, is very important to decrease the cost of wire drawing。

Due to the vibration of the wire, the first contact wire drawing die compression zone area first to produce a slight ring wear, then expands unceasingly until sizing area, resulting in a decline in quality of wire rod performance seriously, wire size expanded. Not only that, serious wear and tear can make mold to produce transverse cracks (mainly appeared in the soft wire drawing) or longitudinal cracks appear in the control of hard wire), the mold scrapped prematurely.

Drawing of maintenance

Therefore, to be LaSiCai types, the characteristics of wire drawing machine, scientifically make drawing die maintenance specification. In general, small needs polishing of ring wear can be used to restore, or slightly expanded diameter can meet the drawing requirements. Excessive wear can make the mould repair times is greatly reduced, or even scrapped, makes the drawing cost increase.

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