The adjustment of cable mold structure planning
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The adjustment of cable mold structure planning


正版2019年生肖四不像The adjustment of cable mold structure planning

Cable mold structure planning generally need to mold the structure of the planning should be selected according to the requirements of the product structure, skills, equipment conditions of different processing methods, structure planning, of course, fresh also should check processing skills.

We generally look for products need high shaped cavity, edm, shaped cavity selects the whole way, doing on five when electrode at each corner of the circular arc transition, previous into product beautiful degree so shape and the intensity of cavity, and the volume of the mould is reduced for some of the product shape is messy, and need not high product appearance shape cavity set spell "hook, so convenient for processing, but also has a drawback, the structure of the mold comparison messy, and large, the mould production capital also compared three corresponding structure matching with the die of the concave and convex die mould of concave and convex die collaborative structure in the planning of compression mold structure is one of the most primary link, that we thought the j and years of practice the following five some of the very first, be short of one cannot.

Adjustment: is to ensure that the depth of the convex block standard, make the die, not by extrusion deformation or damage to the adjustment of the thickness of the beginning of time should make big, in try burn zhang cheng. According to the product the parting surface cross the whole a week or the thickness of the U made into cloth, general should guarantee the products of transverse force in 0.050 LMLN disposal.

Feeding room: is for DMC molding material, its loading capacity to move after guarantee in constraint of materials used for the product with 1 mm of space, in order to prevent the material loading chamber in the process of constraints can generally be an extension of the shaped cavity dean regiment messy product sample for the shape of the cavity structure, shape of cavity machining difficulty will greatly add, toll fee will greatly advance, so we for this type of mould loading chamber is separated from shaped cavity. The feed chamber materials through conditioning treatment after forging, tempering hardness of HRC3032 dominate. To mold all processing hard nitriding processing, after the completion of such loading chamber are easy to processing, and reduce the capital, the other a flowing nearby charging chamber should be add a R15 arc of R3, add together the single side slope, the depth of the slope section is generally 10 NLNL, so that is conducive to punch into people, reduce the conflicts of the department of concave and convex mold force loading chamber with convex touch module collaboration standard should be according to the standard materials of liquidity and concave die intrusive, generally take unilateral space between 0.05 mm - LMM.

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