Cable mold industry trend
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Cable mold industry trend


Cable mold industry trend

Mold profession is an important part of China's hardware industry, the 12th five-year period is China cope at home and abroad to carry out serious environmental change and accelerate the key to build a well-off society in an all policy period, is also the Chinese mould making occupational health in the key period, domestic and foreign environment while many uncertain elements, but in China's economy is still in the high speed increasing period, China mold and die mould comparative advantage in the market place in the world still exists, the domestic mold market expectations also continues to look good, cable mold professional to carry out the present trends.

Mold material performance: cable mold surface smooth, die fast, simple and convenient production conditions, cable molds a vibration platform, add mixer can batch production ditch cover plate。 General production cable need to be mold has a strong toughness and wear resistance, can meet the requirements of die working environment, and has a good malleability, cutting machining, hardenability, hardenability and grinding, meet the mold process performance。

The pace of industrial production on cable mold also in constant development。 The downstream of the industry, as a concrete cement products industry in our country play important roles in the construction of urbanization is an important building material products in the national life。 Now, our country has become the world today is the country with the largest production, using environmental protection building materials, machinery production of environmental protection building materials can not only meet the needs of domestic construction, but also exported to foreign countries。 In addition, the mechanical implementation localization, all cable tray mould process based on the domestic manufacturing。

In order to make the mould industry adapt to the development of the market development trend, we should vigorously develop its own technology and related industries, and focus on cable, keep up with the pace of The Times. Cable mold for the development and utilization of information resources, improve the level of management, research and development ability, management level, this has become a key enterprise core competitiveness.

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