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address:Hubei xiaogan xiaonan Mao Chen town in central China mold city A28-7

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  Hubei YLT mould co.LTD. (formerly wuhan vertical line mould co., LTD.) is located in hubei xiaogan xiaonan mold city, central China in the han filial piety of urban integration, lu, iron, logistics can not free transportation, location advantage is very outstanding.

  Professional company, specializes in cable mould and technology one-stop service, help customer energy efficiency, reduce costs, improve customer product competitiveness. Company around the cable production processes to provide the following categories die: metal deformation processed, twisted, plastic extrusion, welding and auxiliary equipment;

  Metal deformation processed products: circular wire drawing die, drawing die, die, extrusion die and material (carbide, polycrystalline, nano, ceramic, natural diamond), profile extrusion die, cold (hot) precision mold and all kinds of auxiliary mould design; Hinged type mold products: tungsten steel stranded wire mould, polycrystalline wire mould, nano stranded wire mould, plastic mould, cabling mode, and lines, wire beam mode, such as plastic extrusion products: cable extrusion head, according to the head size and model distinguish, cable insulation and sheath extrusion mould (adjustable eccentric circular mould, circular eccentric mode), special-shaped extrusion die design process, the nose, welding products: cold welding machine and mold, according to the type of wire size to choose the appropriate equipment and mold. Cable sample processing more extensive, wire and cable and all kinds of wire, provided by customers according to the requirements of customers, processing all kinds of samples, free cable enterprise new product project construction and planning consulting; Free to carry out the wire and cable companies new product new technology and die application knowledge lecture; Wire and cable industry human resource consulting and services free of charge. Sales of copper aluminum high-speed wire drawing oil; The wire and cable enterprise drawing mold, compression mold outsourcing services, the wire and cable enterprise diamond drawing die refurbished maintenance services. Mold to create wire industry well-known brands.

  Companies based on wire and wire and cable industry to build the most professional team and mold products; Is the root of the enterprise, product design is the soul of enterprise, service is the enterprise of the flowers。 Ongoing employee training and introducing talents make the enterprise vitality more durable, more exquisite manufacture level, to ensure customer each products are through strict inspection qualified products, and technical personnel at the scene of the cable production enterprise actual production experience, the cable mold structure optimization design and use of features is very familiar with, in the process of product design and fully consider the environment and features of the mould application, can improve die life by structure optimization, reduce mold usage and repair rate, effectively reduce the customer mold purchasing cost。 In view of the customer need to personalized service, our company can be targeted to establish a long-term cooperation plan: for example, for drawing die, the winding mould loss bigger customers can adopt the way of leasing mold cooperation, namely, mold processing, maintenance, scrap recycling is responsible for my company, the customer pay by the number of products; This kind of cooperation can make the customer focus on company products, those trival matters to our professional mold processing mould company。

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Address:Hubei xiaogan xiaonan Mao Chen town in central China mold city A28-7
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