Cabling and lines mold
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Drawing Die ,Nanometer Coating Die , Compacitng Die , Stranding Die, Extrusion Die, Special Shaped Drawing Die, etc . We can Design The Structure Of Conductor And Costomize It According To Your Reuirement . 

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Cabling and lines mold
   Product description


Cabling and lines mold Cabling mode (lines) is overhead conductors twisted wire winding process and power cable process indispensable auxiliary mould, cabling mode is more the core power cables and electrical equipment with wire cabling process essential auxiliary mould。 Overhead conductors production of bakelite or ebony materials and durable, visual light bruises aluminium (alloy) no wires; As a line mode and the merger of power cable conductors twisted rope model can use bakelite or steel + plating materials。

正版2019年生肖四不像My company production of cabling die (lines), cabling die entrance Angle design is reasonable, sizing dimension precision, long service life characteristics.

Production specification range: 1.0 mm to 150 mm

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