Why drawing die maintenance regularly
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Why drawing die maintenance regularly

Why drawing die maintenance regularly

Wire drawing die in the process of long-term use, die wall by metal wire friction and strong flushing action, would inevitably produce wear phenomenon, the most common of which are at the entrance to the workspace wire ring groove cao (dent)。 Pull mode ring groove, exacerbating the die wear and tear, because the ring groove on the peeling off by loose small particles by metal wire core materials into the die workspace and sizing area, abrasive role, while the wire into the die like grinding needle die wear。 If not timely repair switch, then the ring groove will continue to accelerate expansion, increase the repair is difficult, even in the depth of the annular groove is, the mould completely avalanche crushed scrap。

Learn from experience, develop a set of standards, strengthen the daily maintenance, often for maintenance of molds is very economical. When a mold is present any slight wear and tear, in a timely manner polishing, makes mold polishing to restore to the original state spent time is shorter, and the groove size has no obvious change in the mold.

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