Diamond tools and equipment changes
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Diamond tools and equipment changes


Diamond tools and equipment changes

Machinery, equipment, change update faster and faster, let's look at the diamond tools and equipment changes.

First generation is mechanical grinding type, with the method of mechanical grinding of diamond wire drawing die manufacturing and maintenance, the efficiency of this approach is extremely low, grinded mould groove is poor, is now rarely used.

正版2019年生肖四不像The diamond die equipment

Second generation tube magnetic telescopic, will provide the electrical signals tube amplifier, through magneto telescopic transducer is converted into mechanical energy, used for grinding diamond die. Such type of defect is magnetic telescopic transducer conversion efficiency is too low, and need an external cooling water cooling. Equipment failure rate is high, the current use of manufacturer.

Third generation piezoelectric transistor, the transistor power source to provide the electrical signals through the piezoelectric transducer is converted into mechanical vibration, it has the advantage of piezoelectric ceramic conversion efficiency is high, and does not require additional cooling system. Equipment volume decreases, the most so far this model application, gradually replacing old mechanical polishing machine and tube magnetic strictive grinding machine, become the mainstream of wire drawing die manufacturing equipment. Its shortcomings include: transistor circuit harmonic distortion is large, the transverse vibration caused by transducer, with such aircraft manufacturing small aperture natural diamond die, diamond easily broken and fracture, the yield is low. High power output, the transistor is easy damaged, cannot be used to make large aperture polycrystalline diamond wire drawing die.

正版2019年生肖四不像Fourth generation for precision integrated piezoelectric ultrasonic edm compound machining technology and equipment, by the Beijing institute of electrical process research and development. Such models adopted high-power top audio integrated circuit, with micro precision edm power supply by the transformation of the piezoelectric ceramic type titanium alloy transducer, ultrasonic and edm compound machining of diamond wire drawing die. Its characteristic is used for ultrasonic signal of high-fidelity audio amplifier chip, powerful internal circuit, including automatic gain control (AGC) circuit, temperature overheat protection circuit, load short circuit protection circuit, with a total harmonic distortion is small, the advantages of low noise. Titanium alloy transducer low impedance, high Q value, internal loss of small, high mechanical strength, long service life, stable performance, higher conversion efficiency. Acura audio circuit and the combination of the piezoelectric ceramic type titanium alloy transducer, ultrasonic is very pure, no noise and transverse vibration. Processing of diamond wire drawing die with it pass good, high surface finish. Big aperture polycrystalline diamond mould processing, if match with composite edm, machining efficiency.

Fourth generation model with the third generation of models

正版2019年生肖四不像Small power type fourth generation integrated precision piezoelectric ultrasonic machine business data catalog - 50 FBDC - 50 f precision integrated piezoelectric ultrasonic machine is the newest improvement model of business data catalog - 50 series, the machine main processing aperture in Φ 2.0 mm below the various types of diamond wire drawing die. Its flexible manufacturing features suitable for processing natural diamond and larger particles small aperture synthetic monocrystalline diamond wire drawing die, the other has the following characteristics:

- ultrasonic power source adopts the top audio integrated circuit with automatic gain control, temperature overheating protection, load short circuit protection, signal control, noisy the total harmonic distortion is less than 0。01;

- ultrasonic transducer using enhanced piezoelectric ceramic titanium alloy, the amplitude and the transducer system all closed, built-in cooling fluid, the shell adopts the heat dissipation structure, need not add a cooling fan, guarantee the stability of the ultrasonic frequency output;

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