How to guarantee the precision of the high voltage cable mold in the process
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How to guarantee the precision of the high voltage cable mold in the process

How to guarantee the precision of the high voltage cable mold in the process

Mould market is valued by many people today, our city to develop faster and faster, high voltage cable mould will be more widely used in our days.

At the time of processing, how are we going to ensure the precision of the mould? Cooperation on the upper die and mold core processing: on the upper die and mold core cooperation for taper, choose bedding-in way past, request to touch rate reached more than 80%。 The traditional processing method not only is difficult, and many working hours, still difficult to reach no flash vision effect。 Flow of glue tank processing: bag yesterday oil seal mould flow processing quality glue tank was abundant, flow glue tank processing usually far intervals cavity or scale is not easy to control, make the finished product pruning, goods not beautiful。 Cohesion between each cavity mould: the single cavity mould and the amount of float al plate convergence must have must, to ensure that the mould open and sensitive, looking for is accurate。

Mould when the choose and buy, we should pay attention to the quality of the mould is good or bad, follow our mold process to develop faster and faster, the function of the mould also is very good, want to know more information about the mould please continue to pay attention to us!

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