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address:Hubei xiaogan xiaonan Mao Chen town in central China mold city A28-7

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  Hubei YLT mould co.LTD. (formerly wuhan vertical line mould co., LTD.) is located in hubei xiaogan xiaonan mold city, central China in the han filial piety of urban integration, lu, iron, logistics can not free transportation, location advantage is very outstanding. Professional company, specializes in cable mould and technology one-stop service, help customer energy efficiency, reduce costs, improve customer product competitiveness. Company around the cable production processes to provide the following categories die: metal deformation processed, twisted, plastic extrusion, welding and auxiliary equipment;

  Metal deformation processed products: circular wire drawing die, drawing die, die, extrusion die and material (carbide, polycrystalline, nano, ceramic, natural diamond), profile extrusion die, cold (hot) precision mold and all kinds of auxiliary mould design; Hinged type mold products: tungsten steel stranded wire mould, polycrystalline wire mould, nano mold, plastic mold, cabling mode, and lines, wire beam mode, such as plastic extrusion products: cable extrusion head, according to the head size and model distinguish, cable insulation and sheath extrusion mould (adjustable eccentric circular mould, circular eccentric mode), special-shaped extrusion die design process, the nose, welding products: cold welding machine and mold, according to the type of wire size to choose the appropriate equipment and mold.
  Professional design team, strong technical service guide, one-stop shopping cable mould, make the customers really do save worry, save, save time, cost-effective for customers to provide quality cheap products, providing customers with competitive market space, save national resources, efforts to continuously for the day more blue and green.( MORE>> 

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Tel:0712-2325778 Fax:0712-2325778 Mobile phone:18062075611  E-mail:82632464@qq。com
Address:Hubei xiaogan xiaonan Mao Chen town in central China mold city A28-7
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