proof-fire cable welding die
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Product classification 聚丙烯板
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Drawing Die ,Nanometer Coating Die , Compacitng Die , Stranding Die, Extrusion Die, Special Shaped Drawing Die, etc . We can Design The Structure Of Conductor And Costomize It According To Your Reuirement . 

Email Telephone/Fax : 0712-2325778    Add: No. A28-7, huazhong Mould Centre, Maochen Town, Xiaonan District, Xiaogan City, Hubei Province ,China . 

Industry dynamics 聚乙烯板
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proof-fire cable welding die
   Product description

proof-fire cable welding die

Hubei Easy Cable Mould Co:,Ltd-Copyright  Copyright 2016 Auto Parts All Right Reserved
Tel:0712-2325778 Fax:0712-2325778 Mobile phone:18062075611
Address:Hubei xiaogan xiaonan Mao Chen town in central China mold city A28-7
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